Yankees take shots at ‚The Team in Second Place’ on Instagram

This was a pivotal series for the Boston Red Sox. Coming into their three-game series with the New York Yankees this week, the Sox were 31-25 and just two games back of the Bronx Bombers in the American League East standings.Winning two out of three games would cut the lead to a game, Joe Morgan Jersey and sweeping the series would have put Boston up a game. After winning the first game of the series 5-4 Tuesday, the Red Sox were confident they could do it.But over games two and three of the series, the Sox lost to the Bombersby a combined 17-1 and dropped to three games back of their arch-rival in the proce s.The Yankees being the Yankees, and having some of the best social media people in all of baseball to boot, they took some parting shots at the Sox after each game they won.Shutout. Yankees 8, The Team In 2nd Place 0. Let’s win the series tomorrow. A post shared by New York Yankees (@yankees) on Jun https://www.redsedges.com/cincinnati-reds/reggie-sanders-jersey 7, 2017 at 7:08pm PDTThe Yanksweren’t done yet. After Gary Sanchez hit two home runs in a 9-1 win in the third game of the series, they went back to the ‚gram and let one last shot ring out.Win. Dominate. Repeat. Final: Yankees 9, The Team Still In 2nd Place 1.A post shared by New York Yankees (@yankees) on https://www.redsedges.com/cincinnati-reds/scooter-gennett-jersey Jun 8, 2017 at 7:49pm PDTEven in blowouts, Red Sox-Yankeesseries are intense. Here’s looking forward to seeing which shots are fired in their next series, which starts July 14 in Boston.